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93% of Associations say their members demand access to affordable healthcare.

Grow your membership today!

Healthcare coverage for your members that’s as convenient as it is necessary.

Trusted by these Associations:

“It is a very noble tool that you have created and one of great benefit.”

–Jimmy Lawson, Member of Jewelers of America

“Just got off the phone with Letia. She was great. Mad props to her customer support skills. I think I’m good to go now.”

–John Torres, Maryland Farm Bureau

“How many of your 22,000 members joined for healthcare coverage?”

Response: “21,000”

– Association Chair enables you to provide your members access to what they need affordable healthcare coverage. We’re able to leverage the power of your Association in order to negotiate with Carriers and ultimately attain rates and plans that can’t be found anywhere else on the market.

Time is of the essence.

We want to work exclusively with a limited number of select Association partners from each industry, so be sure to set up a consultation with us as soon as possible to see if your Association is eligible.


Grow & Retain Membership

We work with you to market the value of this benefit that both current and prospective members look for most.

Health Insurance Savings

Real savings for small groups, today and tomorrow.

No Association Census Needed

Putting a member census together is tedious and time consuming.


Groups can find quality healthcare and ancillary plans across the nation.

Choice of

Don’t be restricted to one, choose from a number of nationally recognized carriers.


We operate nationally and are compliant with State and Federal laws.


We’ll have the platform customized and ready for your association within 30-60 days.

VIP Customer

We’ll go out our way to assist you, and are even offering enhanced customer service for VIP clients.

Non-insurance products included with all plans

You’re busy. Between family, work and friends, your life is full. With Prosper Benefits, you can achieve a state of independence, success and wellbeing.

Non-insurance products included with all plans

You’re busy. Between family, work and friends, your life is full. With Prosper Benefits, you can achieve a state of independence, success and wellbeing.


Feel better now! 24/7 access to a doctor is only a call or click away with no per visit fee!

U.S. board-certified doctors offer a diagnosis, treatment options and prescription, if medically necessary. By using this benefit instead of going to an urgent care clinic or ER, members cut unnecessary out-of-pocket costs and time wasted in crowded waiting rooms.

Employee Assistance Program and Work/Life

Counselors resolve over 80% of cases — successfully avoiding the use of costly mental health or drug and alcohol benefits. 

No matter where they are, employees won’t fall through the cracks. Trusted team of experts help with personal problems and work/life concerns. A highly trained team of Licensed Professional Counselors and Work/Life Specialists offer confidential 24/7, short-term assistance and resource support for a full range of personal, family and work/life problems.


Get improved health outcomes, reduced absenteeism, and lower costs.  

The average hospital stay in the U.S. costs $97,000. With Prosper Benefits’ HealthAdvocate™ you typically have access to a Registered Nurse, or a person experienced in benefits and administrative issues, who can help you navigate the healthcare system. Industry experts can also review, explain and resolve insurance claims and billing issues.

Medical Bill Saver

Expert negotiators work to lower out-of-pocket costs on medical and dental bills.

Anytime a member or employee has a medical bill over $400 not covered by insurance, a skilled negotiation team will work with all providers to get a discount. Successful negotiations can save hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of dollars.

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